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Naked News 2018-01-04 - 2018-01-04

I’m Alana Blaire, welcome everyone. In the news today, France is cracking down on fake news, in a big way. Here’s Madison Banes with a Naked News Bulletin. Alana, French President Emmanuel Macron is moving ahead with a crackdown on fake news! Macron wants to impose tougher rules to stop the spread of lies during election cycles. The proposed law would force social media accounts to reveal the source of their news content, cap the amount of sponsored news material allowed online, and empower France’s media watchdog to fight against propaganda. Macron knows a thing or two about fighting fake news. During his election campaign last year, he had to fight off rumors of offshore banking activity AND a story that he was having a gay affair!

Naked News 2018-01-04
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