- Filme si seriale online subtitrate in limba romana

Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei / The Tatami Galaxy
—Sezonul 1 Episodul 9—


    Folosiți butonul al playerului pentru a seta subtitrarea sau pentru a o mari.


As a freshman, the protagonist joins the Secret Society Chinese Restaurant, not suspecting it to actually be a secret society. The Society appears to be a syndicate of sorts which has organized most-all of the dubious campus activities from the previous episodes, in particular the Cheery Cylcle Cleanup Corps which stole bikes and planes from episode 3, the Library Police from episode 4 and the Print Shop which had provided the protagonist with papers in episodes 6-8. The society is led by Aijima, who sets the protagonist and Ozu on various missions for the organization, several of which were alluded to in previous episodes.

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