- Filme si seriale online subtitrate in limba romana

Rekka no Honoo
—Sezonul 1 Episodul 17—


    Folosiți butonul al playerului pentru a seta subtitrarea sau pentru a o mari.


The Team Hokage decided to participate in the Urabutou Satsujin. Upon admission, however, they realized that they have to place a predetermined wager to enter the tournament, which turned out to be Yanagi, whom Koran Mori, the tournament organizer, wants because of her healing powers. Team Hokage was first hesitant, but Yanagi volunteered herself, saying that she trusts them all that they will not lose the tournament and let her fall into Koran Mori’s hands. Before the tournament’s opening ceremony, Recca decided to go out for some rest and fresh air. Outside, he met Kukai, a laid-back monk who is also participating in the tournament under Team Kuu.

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