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Rekka no Honoo
—Sezonul 1 Episodul 14—


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After rescuing Yanagi and destroying Kurei’s mansion, Kage Hoshi invited Recca and his friends into her secret hideout carved in the face of a cliff. Kage Hoshi reveals to them that her real name is Kagero, and that she is Recca’s true mother. While Recca refuses to believe, she tells all of them the truth of 400 years ago: Oka, the Hokage clan’s leader and a flame master, had two sons: Recca with his wife Kagero, and Kurei with his mistress Reina, making Kurei and Recca half-brothers. Kurei, who exhibited flame powers as a child, was slated to inherit the clan leadership, but it was soon discovered that Recca also possessed the same powers. According to prophecy, only one member of the Hokage clan can use the powers of flame in each generation, and when there are two of them at the same time, one of them is bearing a cursed flame which can lead to the end of the clan’s existence. The clan elders determined that Kurei was the one with the cursed flame, and sentenced him to death, but was spared upon Kagero’s request. Meanwhile, while Kagero was telling them all of this, three members of the Uruha under Kurei’s orders was spying on them, having discovered the hidden passageway towards the hideout, and was planning to attack them all unaware.

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