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Rekka no Honoo
—Sezonul 1 Episodul 15—


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Kagero continued on with her story: Kurei, in an attempt to please his mother who has fallen out of grace with the rest of the clan, tried to kill Recca, giving him the prominent scar on his cheek, but was stopped in time and was subsequently imprisoned. Meanwhile, the warlord Oda Nobunaga was preparing to attack the Hokage, with the hopes of stealing the Madogu and use their powers to conquer Japan. The Hokage clan, out of fear that the Madogu will fall into the wrong hands, decided to fight Nobunaga’s soldiers without using them, but were overwhelmed by sheer numbers and were all defeated. Kagero, in a last desperate attempt to save her son, used a forbidden spell to open a time portal and send Recca into the future, at the cost of being immortal. However, Kurei, who was able to make his way out of his prison during the destruction of the village, found them and tried to get to Recca, and was sent into the future as well. Mikagami was able to sense the presence of the three interlopers while Kagero was telling her her story and they all proceeded to engage them in combat. It turns out however, that they are not able to use their Madogu well, and they were all able to defeat them quickly. One of them, however took Kagero hostage and was about to kill her (pointlessly, as she is immortal), but Recca was angered by this and unconsciously summoned Nadare, his first flame dragon, to defeat him. After the battle, Recca finally acknowledged Kagero as his mother and tried to check if she was alright, but found out that he is unable to touch her, as the forbidden spell that Kagero used ensured that mother and son cannot make contact.

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