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Rekka no Honoo
—Sezonul 1 Episodul 16—


    Folosiți butonul al playerului pentru a seta subtitrarea sau pentru a o mari.


Recca, Domon, Fuko and Tokiya all decided to train during their summer break in case Kurei confronts them again later on. Before leaving, however, they decided to meet at Recca’s house, where Recca introduced Kagero to his adoptive father and thanked him for looking after him for all those years. Yanagi, who was worried about Recca’s safety, decided to accompany him in his training, much to his chagrin. Meanwhile, Fuko and Domon decided to train using the Madogu they acquired from the battle at Kagero’s hideout. After a month, Recca was able to tame two of the flame dragons, while Mikagami, Fuko and Domon got more proficient in using their Madogu. Their reunion was interrupted however, by Genjuro and Jisho, who sent them an invitation from Kurei to join the Urabutou Satsujin, the most dangerous martial arts tournament in history.

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